Same Sex Wedding in Michigan

same sex wedding couple. one in military dress uniform, other in white lace dress with pearl necklace, alongside minister in blueNatalie and Chrystal were our first same-sex wedding couple. The phone call came in that two ladies wanted to get married and they wanted me to perform the ceremony. They asked me what they needed to do. I told them to bring a marriage license and I’d handle the rest. First off, same-sex marriage is legal in Michigan. Secondly, consenting adults who want to get married and can obtain a marriage license should be able to have a legal ceremony at the place of their choice. They gave us 3 days notice. We had an available date and scheduled the ceremony. They allowed me to pick their vows. I chose the one that includes the line “I want us to make a happy home and grow old together”.

same sex wedding couple one in white lace dress holding bouquet of flowers, other in military dress uniformI had noticed that since the law was changed, the license from the Hillsdale County Courthouse lists each participant as “Spouse” followed by a checkbox for “Gender”. I am sure that other municipalities have similar documents. They made a very cute couple and appear to be very happy. That is all I ask of my guests. Be who you are. Be honest. Be true to yourself. Everything else will fall into place where it belongs. Because this was my first wedding like this, I had to ask how they wanted to be addressed. They simultaneously replied, “wife”. One partner was dressed in her military dress uniform. The other in a traditional white bridal dress accompanied by a white fur wrap, nice shoes, and a pretty handbag. The bouquet of flowers was one of the largest and most unique arrangements I have seen. The newlyweds enjoyed their time with us and made themselves at home in my house with my extended family.

same sex wedding couple one in dress blues marine uniform, other in white dress with fur collar and large bouquet of flowersIt was my pleasure to make their union official. I wish them many years of love and happiness. Our services are available to any couple who wishes to get married, regardless of race, gender, or religious affiliation. Anyone who can obtain a marriage license is welcome to approach us to find an agreeable date to get married. Peace & Love.

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